Feedback from the frontline for Wolf Safety’s new torch

Candid feedback from Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service has enabled Wolf Safety to verify how effectively its new TR-65 right-angle torch performs on the fire fighting frontline.

Following a competitive tender and evaluation procedure, Norfolk’s FRS ordered 500 torches, enabling its firefighters to be the first in the UK to benefit from the product’s innovative features and outstanding performance.

According to Simon Mason, the service’s Group Manager, Technical Services, Norfolk FRS made the right decision choosing the Wolf TR-65. Initially the priority was to issue two torches for each fire appliance, for use with new breathing apparatus sets. As more Wolf torches were distributed they were issued to all duty officers and firefighters. Simon said, “The Wolf torch was the only one which met all our strict criteria, including beam brightness and spread, lightness in weight, with a reliable battery level indicator and resistance to water and dust ingress meeting Ingress Protection Rating IP67.

“We have sugar factories and grain silos in our county so we need to know our torches are well protected from dust ingress, as this can be an explosion risk. This torch is really good all round because it’s light, really bright when we need it to be and we know it is intrinsically safe.

“We also know we can use it in Zone 0, so for some of my specialist officers, like my Hazmat team, it saves us needing more than one torch.

“The Wolf torch has three beam settings so it gives us the flexibility we need. It ticks all the boxes for use with breathing apparatus as a high beam bounces back from smoke so low beam is more effective.”

The TR-65’s reliable protection against battery leakage fully meets the requirement specified in the tender document, the brigade had found this a costly problem when using other manufacturers’ torches.

Also important to the Norfolk team was the ease with which the four AA batteries, which power the torch, can be changed when the low battery warning indicator flashes, coupled with long battery life even with high beam selected when required.