First full PBI fabric firefighter boot

Fal Seguridad, the high-performance footwear specialist, has teamed up with PBI Performance Products to create the first full fabric lightweight fire fighting boot, pushing new boundaries in footwear technology.

The Volcano and Volcano Boa boots have been specifically designed for fire and rescue work and are made with inherently flame resistant PBI fabric, which makes them incredibly lightweight and flexible without compromising protection.

The incorporation of the PBI fabric brings high levels of tensile strength with double the initial tear resistance compared to any other outer lining. It adds greater flexibility and freedom of movement for the wearer, allowing them to adapt more effectively to the conditions around them.

The PBI fabric offers more effective heat protection than most other heavier alternatives. PBI fabrics will not become brittle, shrink or break open when exposed to flame and high temperatures. This means that the integrity of the internal layers of the boot is protected and the transfer of any radiant heat is slower. PBI’s unique protection from exposure to heat and flame has been proven over many years of independent testing and performance in the field all around the world.

Keeping firefighter footwear clean can be challenging, but the PBI Fal boot is washable and easy to clean, reducing the risks associated with contamination, while increasing the drying speed.

All PBI fabrics are designed to offer maximum thermal protection from the outside, while at the same time delivering high levels of breathability and comfort to reduce the risk of heat stress. The application in footwear for firefighters ensures that their boots will not become heavy when wet, which can cause fatigue and increases the risk of heat stress.

The two-layer inner sole in the Volcano boot is anatomically preformed with antibacterial activated carbon and high energy absorption and recovery. A High Tenacity Polyester is used in the protective insole to provide penetration resistance and a polyurethane and rubber nitrile fireproof heat resistant and antistatic sole, with resistance to slips and fuel oil built in. The boots incorporate two coloured soles and fire resistant 3M reflective tape to ensure high visibility.

The Volcano Boa boot incorporates the BOA® Fit System, a technological advance that removes the need for laces to provide a perfect fit and fast donning and doffing. This innovative adjustment control significantly reduces the risks of accidents that can occur from loose laces, which can cause falls and catch on equipment.

The Volcano boots also incorporate a GORE-TEX CROSSTECH® Moisture Barrier, making them waterproof and breathable with added protection from blood, body fluids and various liquid chemical agents.

Dal Seguridad has production capacity for over 800,000 pairs of professional footwear every year for customers around the world. The company has an international reputation for quality and innovation developing protective footwear for emergency responders, as well as the building, engineering and automotive sectors.

Firefighters who wear PBI can do their jobs with the confidence and peace of mind that their gear has been tested and proven to offer the highest levels of protection.