First Responder Stations enhance site health and safety

(From L to R) The First Aid Centre, the Fire Point Centre and the Spill Control Centre.

(From L to R) The First Aid Centre, the Fire Point Centre and the Spill Control Centre.

Bull Products, a leader in site safety products, has launched a new range of First Responder Stations to improve health and safety provision at construction sites, factories and warehouses.

There are three First Responder Stations available: a Fire Point Centre, a Spill Control Centre and a First Aid Centre, all of which are trolley based mobile units. The new products have evolved from Bull Products’ proven range of fire points and safety display stands and feature attractively designed and functional sealed cabinets. Moulded from tough rota-moulded plastic with brightly coloured doors, these cabinets house the fire extinguishers in the Fire Point Centre, the spill absorbents in the Spill Control Centre and the first aid kit in the First Aid Centre. All cabinets protect the contents from the weather, have clear windows for visual inspection of contents and also have anti-tamper pins for the cabinet latches to prevent misuse.

Finished in red, the Fire Point Centre features a CE approved fire alarm for complete site-wide evacuation, a fire plan showing routes to assembly area and fire extinguishers housed in the cabinet below. The first aid alert bleeps intermittently every eight seconds and is easily distinguished from the fire alarm.

The emergency Spill Control Centre, for the first time formalises the availability of spill products on-site – until now many spill products would be located near or under equipment and not visible in an emergency. In its bright yellow livery, the Spill Control Centre is highly conspicuous to all in an emergency. The centre carries a panel giving spill advice and a list of the complete contents contained in the spill kit cabinet.

Identified in green, the First Aid Centre is a comprehensive stand-alone unit carrying at its base a sealed first aid kit cabinet, which can also store an automated external defibrillator. Above this is an easily accessible eye-wash station for fast response plus a first aid alert alarm which connects to Bull Products’ Cygnus wireless alarm system and notifies first aiders immediately of an accident. The Cygnus alarm panel will record any activation of first aid alert and has a downloadable history log for monitoring site accidents. A separate panel is provided to clearly show the names of the first aiders on site.

All of the First Responder Stations are fully customisable to customer requirements by Bull Products as a free of charge service. Customers can for example, choose individual signage, emergency plans, branding, types of extinguishers, alarm types, and cabinet types. Bull Products will then provide a full specification and a mock-up sample unit of the customer’s bespoke First Responder Station.