Flexible work boots for everyday use

7. Haix Airpower-R91_605202


The AIRPOWER® R91 model from HAIX® (right) is a flexible work boot for everyday use. With a leg height of 19.5cm and its patented fast-lacing fit system, this boot combines the comfort of a mid-height boot with an optimum fit for daily use. Once the two-zone lace system has been adjusted, it’s a matter of stepping in, pulling on, fastening up and you’re ready to go

An alternative is the proven AIRPOWER® X1 model with classic lace-up system (shown below).

A non-penetrable sole and, for the R91 model, an integrated instep protector provide protection, especially for technical operations. The integrated CROSSTECH membrane also prevents the penetration of body fluids such as blood.

7. Haix Airpower-x1-605105


Included in both boots is the Sun Reflect system. Integrated colour pigments in the leather reflect the sun’s rays. The heating effect of direct sunlight is therefore reduced considerably. When combined with the HAIX® Climate System, the wearer can enjoy the most comfortable temperature possible inside the boot.

Both models will ensure you are well-equipped, even when wearing the boots for long periods. The Arch Support System developed by the long-established company from Mainburg in Bavaria ensures optimum foot and joint support, thus relieving pressure on the entire musculoskeletal system.