Geo-location tool integrated into aircraft to aid search and rescue operations

Britten-Norman is designing a modification to install ARTEMIS, an award-winning geo-location and communication tool designed especially for search and rescue operators.

The equipment provides a geolocation system that can detect cell phones and communicate with them at distances in excess of 30km. The system can map and locate mobile phones even in areas outside cellular signal coverage. ARTEMIS gives search and rescue operators the means to locate people in distress, over sea or land, without the need for emergency beacons. The system is also effective in supporting border patrol operations, detecting and locating offshore boats such as those used for the trafficking of people.

“The technology, designed by Smith Myers, is a natural fit for our aircraft as part of our 2020 innovation strategy. This is the first of a number of capability enhancements that we will be introducing this year. Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing an emergence of interesting, new and innovative technologies coming from British SMEs and we are keen to build on these synergies,” said Lara Harrison, Business Development Director, Britten-Norman.

The Defender aircraft has, for many years now, been favoured by special mission operators, including search and rescue and border patrol, as a high utility, flexible surveillance platform, which offers exceptional low speed handling stability. With its auxiliary fuel options, it can also offer a very impressive extended range.

Peter Myers, Managing Director, Smith Myers, said, “Artemis is a radically different way to find people in distress, by turning their mobile into a rescue beacon. The system adds to the utilisation of any airborne platform by offering higher positive outcomes, even in reduced visual flying conditions. Artemis has been recognised internationally by numerous awards, culminating in a silver medal from the Royal Aeronautical society.”

The next generation Defender 4000 combines the simplicity of single pilot operation with the capability and feel of a small airliner. Increased capacity and higher all up weight allow the aircraft to be equipped with a broad array of the latest sensors and technologies, while also increasing the maximum endurance of the aircraft.

ARTEMIS is manufactured by Smith Myers. With over 30 years of innovative design in cellular radio, it is fitting to have received international recognition for Artemis, a radical new way to aid search and rescue, saving lives and protecting aircrew.