Getting fired up with Standby RSG video telematics

Developed from the highly acclaimed AutoEye Xpert range, the Pro Series range of mobile video telematics solutions from Standby RSG is completely customisable to meet customer requirements, providing a tailored solution greatly suited for use across the fire and rescue service.

Installation is straightforward and can be carried out across whole vehicle fleets, offering solutions for large frontline vehicles as well as rapid response units. External coverage provides a 360° view of the vehicle and data capture is easily configurable to suit a variety of applications.

Standby RSG is rolling out the new range of mobile video telematics solutions across 140 vehicles at West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. Each vehicle is fitted with a digital video recording and data acquisition system as well as four to six cameras running at 1080P/25FPS. A six-axis accelerometer, GPS positioning feature and status monitoring feature for blue lights, siren and brakes etc are also included. Data can be stored on board, with Wi-Fi transfer and 4G live streaming is also possible.

Stringent privacy requirements outlined by the ICO needed to be met, in order to do so, Standby RSG developed a special audio recording innovation to protect the crew without compromising evidential audio when emergency situations occur. During recording periods, an LED illuminates to alert the crew of audio surveillance to protect them in all scenarios.

The solution provided for West Yorkshire also included a four-year subscription to Standby RSG’s Cloud data service, providing real time fleet management functions and alarm monitoring. Live streaming, data download and evidence management are also possible as well as a host of reporting functions, including route mapping, statistical analysis of blue light and other emergency functions. The export of data in many popular file formats for downstream integration and processing is also possible when using the cloud.

Stuart Braybrooke, Business Development Manager at Standby RSG, said, “We are delighted that West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service selected us to supply, install, and support these systems on our Cloud service for the next four years. The flexibility and quality of our solution means we are able to meet all the needs of the fire and rescue service now and for the foreseeable future. The vehicle equipment has spare capacity for additional cameras and sensors if needed, and the cloud architecture means that fleet and data storage can grow without constraint. We are already seeing superb results from the system, and we are excited about the benefits this will bring to the fire and rescue service in the coming years”.

Standby Group is one of Europe’s largest specialist suppliers of safety technology for emergency service vehicles. The product range includes vehicle CCTV, telematics, lightbars, sirens, and control systems. Established for over 40 years and with offices in UK, France, Germany, Sweden, and Finland, the company designs, manufactures and supplies systems to fire, police and ambulance authorities throughout Europe.