Greater Manchester Police utilises energy management solutions to reduce costs

Traditional British Police LampGreater Manchester Police (GMP) is working with IMServ Europe, one of the UK’s largest independent energy management providers, to gain a better understanding of its energy usage, and further drive GMP’s passion to be more sustainable.

Helen Wilson, Sustainability Officer at GMP, explains, “In the current economic climate there is a growing pressure across all police branches to reduce costs and carbon emissions. One of the ways we are approaching this challenge is to understand our energy usage, thus allowing us to make informed decisions on how we can reduce energy consumption and ultimately lower our bills.”

IMServ’s micro-BMS is specifically designed to enable companies or organisations to monitor, understand and control building energy consumption such as lighting, heating, air conditioning and boilers. This can be done remotely and automatically, without interference from local staff.

Helen continues, “We installed IMServ’s micro-building management solutions (BMS) into one of our smaller buildings which houses part of the IT department. This building is too small to warrant installing a full BMS system, however we had limited control over its energy usage and were keen to assess any areas for potential cost savings.”

Over a three-month pilot period, the micro-BMS service provided GMP with an energy saving of 70 percent, with a return on investment achieved well within that time frame. Considerable cost savings were achieved, which help towards the force’s ultimate goal of reducing its energy bill.

Helen said, “IMServ has enabled us to install a BMS system where it would not have been possible otherwise. By doing so we have been able to investigate, and improve energy consumption in the building, contributing to our ultimate goal of reducing the cost of energy used by the GMP.”