HAIX launches the FIRE EAGLE 2.0

Global footwear specialist, HAIX®, launches the world’s fastest firefighter boot – the FIRE EAGLE® 2.0. The new boot features an updated design and an innovative quick-fit fastener system. The RapidFit system is the quickest way to pull a boot on and fits to the individual foot in just one movement, critical when a call comes in and every second counts.

Ready for action in a flash thanks to RapidFit

RapidFit, the quickest fastening system for firefighter boots, is a world first. Once the boot has been fitted to the foot, it can be tightened in a flash with just one hand. No additional tying or tucking is needed, as the RapidFit system automatically holds the lacing in place after tightening. A wider, ergonomic grip makes the fastener even easier to close. 

Other innovations include an RFID pocket to provide space for an RFID chip for digital Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) management, as well as a new composite toe cap that offers even better abrasion protection in the toe area. The new instep protector has a smooth surface with no openings, making the boot easier to clean while protecting the laces from damage.

All-round protection in action

Like its predecessor, the FIRE EAGLE® 2.0 stands out for its lightweight design of around 1,000 grams per shoe, ensuring comfort without compromising on durability. The shoe is made from robust bullhide leather, which has been finished with the well-known HX logo as part of the new design. 

The FIRE EAGLE® 2.0 provides all-round protection with a toe cap made of fibre-reinforced plastic, penetration protection and a non-slip, heat-resistant sole. The GORE-CROSSTECH laminate not only makes the shoe waterproof but also offers penetration protection against blood and other bodily fluids as well as any resultant viruses and bacteria. Reflective inserts in a signal colour ensure good visibility, even in thick smoke. 

For maximum comfort, a cushioning insole and the Arch Support System ensure optimal foot support and a secure hold. The HAIX® Climate System uses the foot’s pumping motion when walking to wick moisture out of the shoe, ensuring feet stay at an optimum temperature.

Made in Europe

Like all HAIX® products, the FIRE EAGLE® 2.0 is manufactured exclusively in Europe. HAIX®’s production sites in Mainburg, Germany and Mala Subotica, Croatia is among the world’s most modern shoe production facilities. At these facilities, HAIX® closely monitors working conditions and product quality to ensure the highest standards are met because Made in Europe is not just a promise of quality for HAIX® but a commitment to fair working conditions, sustainable practices, and modern testing facilities. 

The new FIRE EAGLE® 2.0 is available in sizes UK 3 to 12 and plus sizes UK 12.5 to 15. The shoe meets the DIN standard EN 15090:2012 and requirement F2A, ensuring the highest safety standards. The FIRE EAGLE® 2.0 is now available from the HAIX webshop and specialist retailers.