HAIX® launches the Rescue One for protection on every mission

HAIX®, specialist manufacturer of functional safety footwear, understands that workers in the emergency services need, and deserve, personal protective equipment (PPE) that prioritises safety without compromising on comfort. The new Rescue One, manufactured in Europe using industry-leading techniques and high-grade materials, can keep up with the high levels of support and protection that the job demands.

Constructed from high-quality materials, including 2.2mm thick waterproof and hydrophobic leather, the Rescue One is metal-free and offers all-round safety with an anatomically formed and ultralight protective toe cap.

The safety boot features a sturdy rubber/PU sole, providing wearers with a confident grip in slippery underfoot environments while ensuring exceptional impact absorption and correct heel-to-toe movement.

The Rescue One is equipped with cutting-edge GORE-TEX CROSSTECH® laminate technology, offering superior penetration protection against pathogens found in blood and body fluids as well as common chemicals. The highly breathable material allows sweat vapour to escape from inside the garment during physically demanding activities, helping feet stay dry and fresh.

To further support optimum foot temperature, the HAIX® Climate System uses the pumping movement of every step to circulate cool air into the boot via vent holes in the top, ensuring professionals stay focused on the task at hand. The leather incorporates Sun Reflect Technology, allowing the feet to stay cool under direct sunlight, essential for long summer shifts in black boots.

For maximum wearer comfort, the Rescue One has a cushioning system that provides support while improving endurance. The system makes sure toes and joints have sufficient space, helping to relieve pressure points and prevent feet from becoming sore or fatigued.

HAIX® understands that incorrect boot sizing can have adverse health effects and the potential for injury. The women’s version of the Rescue One has been designed and manufactured based on a special last to suit a woman’s foot shape. Additionally, the HAIX® Vario Wide Fit System accounts for the fact that an individual’s foot anatomy is unique, ensuring the width of the Rescue One can be individually adjusted by three different insoles, improving wearer comfort and foot health.

The safety footwear features a side zipper to make putting the boots on and taking them off faster and easier, so wearers are not at risk of potential injury or wasted time when an emergency requires their critical assistance. The practical radio-frequency identification (RFID) pocket in the boot offers space for an RFID chip to simplify the management of PPE.

“We understand the harsh conditions emergency service workers face. While safety and protection are a priority – it’s vital that wearers feel that their PPE is comfortable and supportive,” says Simon Ash, HAIX® UK Sales Manager. “The Rescue One is specifically engineered to keep workers safe, comfortable and engaged for longer so that they can focus on the emergency at hand.”