Home Office seeking views on JESIP in new survey

Emergency services are being encouraged to complete a new survey about interoperable working and the use of Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles (JESIP).

Aimed at commanders, control room staff and frontline responders in the police, fire service and ambulance service across England and Wales, the survey aims to understand how JESIP is currently working in responder organisations through exploring emergency service practitioners’ existing knowledge and awareness of JESIP and their impressions and experiences of putting it into practice.

It is an opportunity for staff working in emergency services to share their thoughts on JESIP and offer feedback about how the system can be improved. 

JESIP is an interoperability system based around a set of key principles and underpinned by doctrine and guidance, encompassing a range of training products and courses, exercising guidelines, a system of joint learning, and governance structures. Responder organisations should ensure personnel are aware of the JESIP models and principles and how they are applied. Organisations should ensure that personnel who are required to support the response to an incident receive some form of JESIP awareness training annually.

The survey, run by independent research organisation Ipsos UK, opened on 9 August and will be running until 30 September. It takes around 10-15 minutes to complete. Respondents can volunteer to be contacted for a follow up interview and be part of focus groups that will take place in the autumn.

The findings of the survey and focus groups will be used to directly inform decision on how JESIP is implemented in the future, as well as the development and delivery of targeted interventions to further improve JESIP embedding across the emergency services and wider responder organisations. 


Photo credit: Kent Fire and Rescue Service Flickr.