Honeywell launches innovative footwear range for firefighters

honeywell-boot-his007489-image-1Honeywell has launched AIRFIRE, a new range of safety footwear specially designed to meet the needs of firefighters during rescue operations. One of the most lightweight footwear solutions on the market, AIRFIRE is high performance, reliable and flexible, enabling firefighters to react quickly in emergency situations.

“By working closely with firefighters on the frontline, Honeywell was able to identify their priority needs and working constraints,” said Aurélie Zucco, Senior Product Manager, Honeywell Industrial Safety EMEA. “The new range of footwear benefits from our latest technical innovations, which enables firefighters to respond swiftly in challenging environments and provides long-lasting comfort. Importantly, given the hazardous nature of the work, AIRFIRE’s innovative and specialist materials ensure optimum protection.”

AIRFIRE’s full grain premium leather provides excellent resistance to flame, fluid, oil and abrasion while the use of innovative materials in the lining ensures improved breathability and freedom of movement. The footwear also benefits from an exclusive, technical insole, which has been designed to provide maximum shock absorption and comfort. Its tough, protective toe-shield, anti-puncture steel plate insole and non-metallic toecap provide added protection as well as lightness and enhanced thermal insulation for improved flexibility and freedom of movement.

The footwear is further enhanced by a new lightweight outsole, which has been developed specifically for AIRFIRE. Made of injected polyurethane (PU) and nitrile rubber, the innovative outsole features multi-directional cleats for excellent grip, particularly on ladders. Resistant to temperatures of up to 300°C and offering slip protection against oil, hydrocarbons, fat and chemicals, the innovative outsole offers enhanced stability and heel shock absorption.

The AIRFIRE range includes the ‘fast fitting’ FIREPRO and ‘extreme protection’ FIRESTORM boots. These feature a waterproof and breathable Sympatex® moisture tech membrane lining that provides water resistance and excellent moisture management. The ‘multi-purpose’ FIREFAST and FIRETRAIL boots have a Poromax® lining, which has special Eucalyptus treatment to enhance moisture management. FIRETRAIL includes a soft-toe resistant to the force of 500N, which makes it ideal for general rescue operations on particularly steep terrain.

The AIRFIRE footwear has earned ASQUAL accreditation, which ensures a rigorous monitoring procedure throughout the production process and guarantees consistency in the manufacture and distribution of products.