Idensys by Identilam takes the complexity out of the ID card issuing process

Tunbridge Wells based Identilam, a leading badging software developer and digital printing service provider in the UK, has launched a new identity management service to help organisations in the emergency services take the complexity out of the ID card issuing process.

Issuing consistent ID cards promptly and securely can be a real challenge, especially for organisations with multiple locations, remote workers, contractors or limited support staff. It also requires the ongoing purchase and maintenance of specialist equipment.

With that in mind, Idensys has been established to provide a one-stop-shop for the whole ID card application process; from creating unique, customised ID card designs through to printing and dispatching contactless ID cards to one or multiple addresses on demand.

Idensys can also set up a secure online portal for the submission of custom ID card requests, improving the reliability and efficiency of service. Additionally, customers get online access to their centralised ID database hosted on secure servers for their identity verification and reporting needs.

Rob Lee-Davey, Identilam General Manager, said, “The global pandemic has brought new challenges for security, facility and human resource managers to organise safe returns to the workplace, with a need for more control but less contact. These managers, who are increasingly working from home, still need to issue ID access cards for any individual working ‘in the field’, whether that is in an office, factory or public service building; on a construction site or university campus; or attending a residential address.

“Our digital identity management service allows ID cards to be requested and issued anytime, no matter where you are. We print contactless access cards with RFID technology which now becomes a prerequisite in most workplaces. We also add security features such as watermarks, UV print and holographic designs to prevent counterfeiting.”

For those who prefer to produce ID cards in-house, Idensys can provide an all-in-one ID card system that includes powerful software, reliable specialist printers and high-quality consumables. Several levels of support contracts are available, from a UK-based helpline to a full maintenance service to prolong the lifespan of the printers.