In-vehicle visor has universal appeal

SP Illuminated Univisor Template copyA unique and simple identification product for unmarked vehicles on official duty, the Univisor is used by organisations worldwide. The device clips onto the vehicle’s sun visor and, when the visor is down, makes the vehicle’s purpose instantly recognisable.

The design has now taken a step forward with the advent of the LED Univisor, which features the same simple, effective, tried and tested design but fitted with 90 super bright white LEDs and powered by a 12V cigarette lighter socket. This enhanced model, available from SP Services, gives even greater visibility when compared with the basic Univisor.

Incident scenes, crimes scenes and accidents, covert operations, on tests, out of service, when parking or in traffic, access to secure or controlled areas – wherever your unmarked car needs to go, the LED Univisor can make sure everyone knows you’re there.