Industry experts gather for Technical Rescue Conference

Rescue 3 Europe’s biennial Technical Rescue Conference will take place at Vioa Arena, Cardiff, on 1 May 2019. This event is a combination of conference and trade exhibition, with practical instructor update workshops taking place throughout the week, either side of the conference day.

The Rescue 3 conference, which in 2017 hosted 350 delegates from over 30 countries, brings together industry experts, technical rescue professionals, expert practitioners, manufacturers and distributors, to share developments in practice and equipment, access the latest research and technology, and network with other professionals.

In addition to conference speakers drawn from different quarters of the industry, the day will also include the Rescue 3 Europe awards, honouring those Rescue 3 training providers and instructors who have made the greatest strides forward in the field of technical rescue.

The trade exhibition running alongside the conference will showcase the latest technical rescue equipment from leading manufacturers and suppliers to the rescue industry. It’s a great opportunity to get hands-on with the latest rescue kit, and network with the top manufacturers.

Practical instructor updates for Rescue 3 instructors in the fields of water, rope, boat and confined space rescue will take place on 29/30 April and 2/3 May 2019 at Cardiff International White Water.

Rescue 3 Europe certifies and manages all European Rescue 3 training providers, instructors and students. Rescue 3 is one of the world’s leading technical rescue training organisations, with over 300,000 students in 50 countries – 150 training providers in Europe alone.