Innovative vehicle lighting and emergency systems

A fire appliance featuring the new 12+ Series R65 LED lightbar.

Code 3 manufactures and supplies LED vehicle lighting and emergency systems to the emergency services sector. The company’s product range includes lightbars, message display, covert and directional lighting, beacons and minibars, sirens and speakers, CCTV and work lights. Its products can be customised to suit your individual requirements.

Meeting minimum standards doesn’t always guarantee real-world performance. That’s why Code 3 products are designed and engineered with proven technologies that deliver hour upon hour of flawless performance for emergency services professionals and everyone who depends on them. They are put to the test above and beyond industry requirements to exceed expectations for performance and reliability. This means that the Code 3 products you choose will meet or surpass typical certifications and standards, and where no standards exist, Code 3 has developed its own. The company’s extended tests ensure that the product is fit for purpose in most, if not all applications.

The new 12+ Series R65 LED lightbars are a great example of Code 3 innovation at its best. The lightbars are available in eight length options with sleek low-profile styling, durable aluminium chassis, polycarbonate base and lens. The 12+ Series has exceptional EMC performance with industry leading CISPR 25 certification.

New features include a 457mm centre section combined with a 305mm end section allowing for configurations in shorter lengths for more versatility on smaller vehicles. In addition, a 457mm LED centre illumination with opal lens section allows for customised signage to personalise and distinguish your lightbar.

A choice of clear and blue lenses increases the customisation options even further. The 12+ series LED lightbars supports three kinds of LED modules, including: single and dual colour warning and alley/take down. Custom configurations are available on request.