JESIP – have your say on Joint Doctrine guidance

JESIP Joint Doctrine docThroughout April any organisation involved in emergency multi-agency response has the opportunity to review JESIP‘s revised Joint Doctrine guidance.

A working group representing all emergency services, wider responder partners and other subject matter experts have been working hard on the 2nd revision of the JESIP Joint Doctrine: the interoperability framework. The intention of this review is to respond to feedback received since its first publication (in 2013) and to bring more clarity and inclusion for all those involved in multi-agency response.

Full details of how to take part in the consultation will be shared via the JESIP website. Make sure your organisation takes part!

During 2015, the HMIC (in conjunction with CFRA and AACE) coordinated an independent review of how well JESIP was being embedded across the country. The review, published by the HMIC on 12 April and available on the HMIC website, recognised that the initial JESIP programme had demonstrably improved levels of interoperability and that positive change was taking place.

However, the picture with embedding JESIP across the country is inconsistent and this presents a significant risk to achieving effective interoperability. The review confirmed that it will take further and sustained effort to fully embed interoperability as business as usual across the emergency services. The review highlighted six key recommendations requiring action along with a number of additional observations.

Discussions have now taken place between the emergency services and Government about how best to address the recommendations made and there is now an agreed way forward. The delivery of the plan requires central focused support and so agreement has been reached to provide funding for the JESIP central team for a further two years, until March 2018.

More details will be sent directly to each service Chief Fire Officer or equivalent and the Chairs of each LRF in the coming weeks.