Latest round of LRF innovation funding announced

The Government has released its latest prospectus setting out match funding for Local Resilience Forums to ‘create and deliver distinctive, innovative projects that drive real results.’ The theme for this tranche of funding is ‘Local businesses as active partners in resilience.’

The pot of £450,000 allows for exploration of the broader theme contained within the National Resilience Framework of a whole of society approach to resilience. The prospectus contains three ‘design challenges’ that form the basis of the applications.

The design challenges include engagement, innovation in the creation of community resilience plans that allow local businesses to support a multi-agency approach more effectively and how to empower those businesses to ‘own’ the resilience of their local area.

All 38 LRFs in England are eligible to bid for funding for this round which is part of a three year £1.35m allocation announced by the Government in 2022. The prospectus includes guidance on how to make a successful bid and case studies of projects funded from previous allocations. A total of seven LRFs received funding in the first round under the theme of Digital, Data and Technology.

Photo credit: Shutterstock.