Leading the charge for bespoke emergency vehicles

For the last four years, Code Blue Specialist Vehicles has been providing exceptional ambulance conversions at affordable prices, solidifying the company’s status at the forefront of the industry.

Based in the New Forest, Code Blue Specialist Vehicles is a global supplier of specialist medical vehicles and equipment. As the right-hand drive partner for Rodriguez Lopez Auto – located in Northern Europe and South America – the company has access to unrivalled vehicle engineering facilities and the latest research and development processes – all with the end user in mind.

Code Blue also offers a range of military ambulances, built on both protected and soft skinned vehicles; the company recently won a contract to supply a European partner with armoured medical vehicles and has previously supplied the Kenyan military with off-road ambulances for the United Nations.

Furthermore, Code Blue is becoming the go-to company for the supply of PTS, HDU and frontline support vehicles to the leading private ambulance companies in the UK. The company’s standard specification includes unique features such as seat belt release warning systems and, for wheelchair patients, headrests that deploy from the ceiling. The vehicles are also completely customisable; due to custom manufacturing the majority of parts that go into a conversion are produced in-house instead of relying on third parties – Code Blue makes everything from seats to circuit boards. The company can create bespoke prototype solutions when required from its 104,0000sqft manufacturing facility. The result has been an increase in orders from companies that demand a better product than has been historically available.

Code Blue Specialist Vehicles offers a consultative, supportive and transparent sales process. An initial informal project meeting enables the company to understand your requirements. From this, Code Blue will produce a specification based on the intended use of your vehicles, the required capabilities, specialist ancillary equipment and logistics of your chosen vehicle type.

Next, the company’s design experts will produce a complete set of 3D drawings and a full written specification for your intended vehicle type. You can change and alter your specification as many times as you like, until the team has produced a design with which you are truly happy. This is carried out under no obligation to you.

In times of national emergency such as this, reliability and affordability are paramount to the success of healthcare workers, providers and specialists in the UK and overseas. Code Blue Specialist Vehicles remains dedicated to continuing the trend it has consistently set over the last four years. The company remains open to support you and your consumers during this period of social distancing and isolation.