Ledlenser: a leading light in LED innovation

When your life may depend on having the right light by your side, Ledlenser is the standout choice.

Already used by a multitude of emergency services professionals internationally and recognised as a leader in LED torches and headlamps, Ledlenser has perfected the art of combining precision German engineering with the latest technologies to deliver a breath-taking powerful beam of perfect bright white light that will light up the dark.

Take the upgraded 2018 edition P7, an established favourite of many in the emergency services. It now boasts an impressive 450 lumens on full power with an incredible beam range of up to 300m. Or the rechargeable version of the P7 – the P7R – which can deliver a whopping 1000 lumens and is supplied with a contact ‘floating’ charger that removes the need to take the batteries out to charge.

If ultimate brightness is required, then the i18R torch searchlight wins every time. On full power its 3000 lumens will deliver a beam range of nearly a third of a mile – enough to turn night into day.

All three of these lights feature the patented Advanced Focusing Optics for spot (distance) or flood (near) illumination and are backed up by a seven-year with registration warranty for complete peace of mind.


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