Ledlenser shines a light on your HEROES

Ledlenser, a leading supplier of premium torches and headlamps, is looking to shine a light on Everyday HEROES with a new winter campaign. We all know someone who deserves something a little extra for everything that they do. Here’s your chance, with the help of Ledlenser, to call them or their organisation out and let the world know that they are your HERO. Heroes can be from any walk of life – family members, volunteers, work colleagues, charity workers – anybody you feel needs a spotlight shone on them or their activities. You can nominate more than one person or organisation.

Nominate your Everyday HERO at www.ledlenserhero.com and FIVE lucky winners will be awarded £1000 for themselves or their cause, plus as a winning nominator, you will win a £500 Ledlenser Goody Bag! You’ll also receive a receive a 10% discount code to use at www.ledlenser-store.co.uk once the nomination is complete.

Don’t forget to share your nomination on social media using #LedlenserHERO to help spread the word.