LiFi technology integrated into rugged mobile computing

Getac, a leader in rugged computing solutions, is bringing integrated LiFi technology, powered by pureLiFi, to the rugged market for the first time. The announcement means customers across a wide range of professional sectors will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of fully rugged reliability and innovative LiFi connectivity in a single device, unlocking a host of powerful new applications and use cases.

Previously, users wishing to capitalise on the benefits of LiFi technology had to rely on a USB dongle plugged into the side of their device. This approach is highly vulnerable to even the slightest knock or drop, making it unviable in many working environments, such as those found in the public safety sector. With this announcement, users will be able to purchase a fully rugged solution with LiFi technology fully integrated into the device.

The first Getac device to offer integrated LiFi capability will be the recently launched UX10 fully rugged tablet.

LiFi (Light Fidelity) technology uses light to transmit data rather than radio frequency, which is the case with traditional technologies such as WiFi, LTE, 4G, 5G etc. This innovative approach has a number of benefits over RF-based technologies including: improved privacy and security; superior connection quality; and extremely low latency. Lower latency can radically enable innovation, automation and the use of advanced applications, including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

The combination of rugged reliability and LiFi connectivity unlocks a series of powerful new applications. The public safety sector will benefit from lightning fast on-scene data collection and transmission in emergency response scenarios, aided by high quality, low latency LiFi connectivity.

“At Getac, we work with a huge range of customers across multiple sectors, many of whom have very specific technology requirements and challenges,” says Chris Bye, President, Getac UK Ltd. “Today’s announcement once again demonstrates our commitment to solving these challenges by combining powerful new technologies such as LiFi with our proven rugged devices, to create industry leading solutions that excel in even the most adverse operational environments.”