Lightweight glove with heavyweight protection

Oxford Safety, a leading company designing and manufacturing PPE and workwear for superior performance, has seen significant orders from fire and rescue services (FRSs) for its dexterous but extremely tough extrication glove that better protects rescue crews and fire investigation officers from torn metal and other sharp surfaces.

This glove was designed by Oxford Safety after a common need was expressed by services that although full firefighter gloves offered good protection, they were too bulky when using equipment or when working in tight spaces, particularly when attending road traffic collisions (RTCs). However, they had found that many of the lighter weight gloves on the market did not offer the protection they were seeking when working around torn metal and debris during or after an incident, with the backs of hands particularly vulnerable to bruising, cuts and abrasions.

The Enduro RTC glove is made from a strong material that is extremely resistant to cuts but is lightweight and dexterous, enabling rescue crews and investigation officers to handle equipment easily and work in tight spaces. The palm of the glove is padded and offers excellent grip, even on oily surfaces, and the back of the glove is covered with a tough thermo-plastic rubber ribbing designed to bend naturally with hand movements but offering a high level of protection when the back of the hand is hit against anything or when moving through torn metal, protrusions and other sharp surfaces.

The RTC glove has received popular acclaim from the FRSs since it was launched and Oxford Safety continues to offer services the opportunity to equip all their rescue crews and investigation officers with the Enduro RTC Glove through a volume-based, 50% price discount. FRSs just need to contact Oxford Safety to discuss their requirements and take advantage of this promotion.