Lowland Rescue teams up with GoodSAM

Lowland Rescue, the UK’s governing committee for Lowland search and rescue teams in the UK, representing 35 teams, covering the UK’s non-mountainous areas, and all of Northern Ireland, has announced its registration with GoodSAM (Good Smartphone Activated Medics) Group.

GoodSAM is the world’s most advanced emergency alerting platform. The app allows alerters to dial the emergency services, and at the same time notify nearby medically qualified responders of a medical emergency. By alerting responders of an emergency, GoodSAM connects those in need with those who have the skills to provide critical help before the emergency services arrive.

Lowland Rescue, which now delivers its own FPHC accredited First Responder Course, recognised it had a large group of members, who are trained and able to deliver high level prehospital care. These members’ skills are always ready, even when not on a job for Lowland Rescue. By allowing its members to register with GoodSAM, they can be notified of a medical emergency nearby, and bring that high level care, in the first vital minutes prior to emergency services arriving. Potentially saving more lives.

Paul Lewis MBE, Chairman of Lowland Rescue, said, “Lowland Rescue has within its membership, exceptionally skilled and dedicated members, who have the desire to help those in need. Our Medical Directors have spent a long time building up the skillsets of our membership, and fully support the use of their skills to save lives, be it on a search and rescue operation, or because they are simply near to someone in need. Anything that’s help saves lives is only ever a good thing.”

Prof Mark Wilson, Medical Director of GoodSAM, said, “Lowland Rescue has a highly trained and dedicated membership and we are absolutely delighted they have joined the GoodSAM Community to help provide rapid life-saving care. GoodSAM alerts off duty doctors / paramedics / nurses and those trained like Lowland rescue to nearby patients in time critical conditions (such as cardiac arrest). Acute airway management and cardiopulmonary resuscitation / defibrillation makes huge differences in survival. The tech platform can also be used to help coordinate response in major incidents such as flooding. Combining GoodSAM technology with groups trained such as Lowland rescue creates a fantastic opportunity to save lives.”