Manage your PPE using RFID

Without personal protection equipment (PPE), including face masks, face guards, gloves, scrubs, disinfectants etc, our key workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic are vulnerable and at risk. To support doctors, nursing and paramedic staff during this critical time, OTTO ID Solutions has developed a cost efficient ‘Plug and Play’ solution to specifically manage PPE stock: the RFID cabinet.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, a technology used in digital product tracking. Simply put, this intelligent cabinet, conducts its own stock inventory, regularly and autonomously, which means: critical stock shortages are identified ‘live’; orders for new stock are placed automatically; cabinet access is restricted to authorised personnel; and installation is simple and fast.

The RFID cabinet saves time – personnel do not have to waste precious time on PPE inventory and stock management. The RFID Cabinet saves money – it improves management of essential, life-saving equipment. The RFID Cabinet ensures availability – the effective access control reduces loss and potential overuse of valuable resources.

Total overview of stock in just a few seconds – this is what intelligent equipment management looks like today.

The RFID cabinet can easily be enhanced: automatic stock re-ordering with an interface to the ERP system; documentation of the use and location of medical equipment; and reduction of capital tie up by up to 30 percent, for example, by monitoring use-by dates and reduction in unnecessary excess stock, thereby only ordering stock which is needed.

OTTO-ID Solutions, specialises in developing pioneering solutions and is growing rapidly. The company was founded in 2018 and in 2019 won Frankfurt’s ‘Start Up’ of the year award. In Summer 2019 the company introduced a world first, an ambulance fully integrated with RFID technology enabling a complete inventory scan within 45 seconds.