MedTrade launches Celox™ Rapid – the fastest acting battlefield haemostat

Celox products shot at studio 14-3-2012MedTrade Products Ltd, developer of a range of advanced wound care products, has announced the European launch of Celox™ Rapid. The fastest haemostat on the market, Celox™ Rapid has been developed with unique, patented technology, in response to the real needs of battlefield medics and sets a new standard for haemostatic agents/control.

In combat scenarios, time is of the essence in cases of severe bleeding caused by gunshot wounds or explosions. The injured soldier has to be treated and evacuated from the scene as fast as possible; even a matter of minutes can be too long. Celox™ Rapid can control the most serious, life-threatening bleeding with just 60 seconds compression.

Easily carried in a slim-line pack, Celox™ Rapid comes in a strip of Z-fold gauze onto which Celox™ granules and Chito-R are bonded. The Chito-R, one of the distinguishing features of Celox™ Rapid, creates a unique adhesion (wet stick) to the source of the bleeding and works with the Chitosan already in the Celox™ to create a gel-like plug that stops the bleeding faster than any other treatment.

The Celox™ blood clotting technology was first developed by MedTrade precisely for the purpose of dealing with battlefield wounds and has been tried and tested in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Working independently of the body’s normal clotting processes, Celox™ generates no heat and does not burn the casualty or care giver. It has also been proven effective in situations where the blood does not clot normally, for example in cases of shock-induced hypothermia and in the presence of common anti-coagulants such as warfarin.

Chris Marsden, Head of Marketing for Celox, said; “Speed is absolutely paramount in casualty care and Celox Rapid offers a radical change in the ability to deliver fast, effective treatment. Celox Rapid has had a great reception in the US and is already generating a huge amount of interest since its launch in Europe. We are very proud to support NATO troops and the emergency services with this new development.”

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