Merseyside FRS appoints Phil Garrigan as Acting Chief Fire Officer

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service has appointed Phil Garrigan as its new Acting Chief Fire Officer (CFO).

Phil, formerly the Deputy Chief Fire Officer for Merseyside, takes on the responsibility of leading the service following the departure of the previous Chief, Dan Stephens. Dan is taking up a new position as Chief Executive Officer/Chief Officer of the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) in Australia.

Area Manager Nick Searle, the incoming Chair of the National Resilience Board will take on the Deputy Chief Fire Officer (DCFO) role.

Both the CFO and DCFO have come through the ranks in Merseyside and as a result have a real understanding of the communities of Merseyside.

Acting CFO Phil Garrigan said, “I am truly humbled by the opportunity to lead the service in the protection of the people of Merseyside. There is something unique about Merseyside that draws you in, it makes you want to protect its people – I am not sure I would feel the same elsewhere. I have only ever wanted to serve the people in the place where I was born and grew up – where my family live and my fire fighting journey started. That said, I understand the basis on which I take on this role and the challenges that lie ahead, both financial and operational.

“But we have great officers, incredible firefighters and fantastic staff so I know we will continue to protect Merseyside as magnificently as we have in the past.”

A formal recruitment process will take place later this year.