Minimum Service Level Bill becomes law

New legislation means that fire and rescue services and ambulance services must ensure that a minimum service operates in specified services during periods of strike action.

Now that the Strikes (Minimum Service Level) Act 2023 is on the statute books, the Government will launch a public consultation on the ‘reasonable steps’ unions should take to ensure their members comply with a work notice given by an employer.

The legislation also includes rail workers. Rail Minister Huw Merriman said, “When minimum service levels are in force for a specified service, if the relevant trade union gives notice of strike action, employers can issue a work notice ahead of the strike, to specify the workforce required to maintain necessary and safe levels of service. They must consult with the relevant unions on the number of persons and the work to be specified in the work notice and take their views into account before issuing the work notice.”

Photo credit: Shutterstock