Mobile printing in the rescue service

The mobile thermal printer DP-581 from DASCOM

The introduction of digital documentation can optimise the flow of information and data in all rescue service areas. An important part of the overall concept within such a project is the provision of mobile printers in vehicles with transport facilities. Not only does this print the emergency protocol, which is handed over to the receiving hospital, but in addition, denying boarding and transport instructions can be printed because these documents have to be signed by the patient or the doctor. The user can also digitally process precipitable PDF documents, such as checklists or forms, and then print them in the vehicle.

The mobile thermal printer DP-581 from DASCOM, the former Tally company, is an ideal printing solution for all emergency services.

In addition to the very compact design and the special reliability in operation, the high quality print image and the fast printout are especially convincing. The printer has a built-in recording for an endless roll and is stably installed on a mounting plate, which is compatible to RAM Mount systems to help with ease of installation. Due to the central positioning of the printer in the cab and the integrated power supply, the limited space is optimally utilised. The print jobs are sent wirelessly and comfortably via Bluetooth directly to the printer.

Benefits of the printer include: increased patient safety, as the mission reports are easy to read; it is extremely low maintenance because it requires no additional supplies except paper; and by using standard thermal or specially coated thermal paper, the prints are protected against liquids, such as disinfectants, and can also be archived over a long period of time without fading.

With the latest in battery technology, drop-in paper load feature and dual tear bars, the printer clearly stands out from the competition. Its design makes for a low profile, highly reliable full-page A4 mobile printer, perfect for a wide variety of applications.

No matter if Bluetooth, WiFi or USB is needed – an optional battery and shoulder strap allows users to be completely mobile. This compact mobile printer features an easy-to-read control face along with a web-based interface for easy configuration.

Applications include: patient reports, incident reports, warning notices, fines, receipts, work orders and invoices, to name just a few.

The DP-581 is compatible with Windows, Windows Mobile and Android operating systems.