MSA Safety showcases innovative new firefighter technology

Showcased at Interschutz, MSA’s LUNAR® Connected Device and FireGrid® software services are two key components of the Connected Firefighter Platform.

A multifunctional handheld device, LUNAR® provides personal thermal imaging and several other innovative features that are designed to enhance firefighter safety and accountability.  These innovations include MSA’s proprietary Firefighting Assisting Search Technology network, which alerts and guides teammates to those who may need help. 

MSA’s cloud-based software platform FireGrid® gives incident commanders the ability to evaluate and manage multiple situations in real time and from any location. Cloud connectivity provides incident command with an overview of on-scene operations by aggregating data from other MSA devices, such as its M1 breathing apparatus.  In use, it can transmit key self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) information such as cylinder air pressure, battery status and various alarm indicators.

New enhancements

MSA Safety also announced several enhancements to its cutting-edge equipment, including its M1 Control Module, FireGrid® software and Connected Firefighter Platform.

The M1 Control Module is now fully compatible with LUNAR. Leveraging the integrated Bluetooth capabilities of the M1 Control Module, cylinder air pressure and other alarm indicators can now be aggregated by LUNAR and transmitted to FireGrid to provide incident commanders with real time fireground information. 

Additionally, incoming alerts from incident command (such as evacuation requests) can now be relayed through LUNAR to the M1 Control Module to alert firefighters to immediately exit the structure.  Both devices now work together as one system. When they are paired, LUNAR’s motion alarm capabilities will default to the M1 Control Module, meaning firefighters are not distracted by managing two motion sensing devices.

Leveraging the GPS capability in devices such as LUNAR, MSA’s FireGrid® application now allows incident commanders to pinpoint and monitor their crew’s location on a map, which will further enhance situational awareness.

MSA has also partnered with Fotokite, to integrate their tethered drone technology, with aerial video capabilities, into MSA’s Connected Firefighter Platform. This will further enhance situational awareness by giving an impressive, unobstructed and instant overview of any incident.