Neonatal transport incubator unveiled

Drager GlobeTrotter5400A new transport incubator system, which offers complete care for neonates and newborns during inter- and intra-hospital transport such as ambulance, helicopter and aeroplane, has been launched in the UK.

The Globe-Trotter GT5400 by Dräger combines central functions such as thermoregulation, ventilation, infusion technology, and real-time monitoring on a modular frame. This means that instead of having to provide separate solutions for different forms of transport, hospitals can now use the Globe-Trotter GT5400 as a universal transport incubator system.

The system meets global standards for use in ambulances, helicopters and aeroplanes. Whether for a trolley in an ambulance or for mounting in an emergency helicopter or aeroplane, the Globe-Trotter GT5400 can be individually configured to the respective transport requirements.

Luke Bourdillon, Sales and Marketing Manager for Neonatal Care at Dräger UK, said, “We are happy to be able to offer a universal NICU on wheels for neonate and newborn transfers to hospitals and providers of ambulance services and patient transport services.”

The Globe-Trotter GT5400 has been tested and certified according to international standards for ground and air transport. The heart of the system is the TI500 incubator by Dräger. In addition to the incubator the Globe-Trotter GT5400 comes standard with a ventilator. Hospitals or service providers can further combine the system with a vital signs monitor, active humidification, and infusion pump holder with locking mechanisms for up to four syringes. Furthermore, the Globe-Trotter GT5400 provides an area for additional hospital transport equipment.

The team accompanying the transport must be able to constantly monitor all important functions and the patient. Accordingly the Globe-Trotter GT5400 has a separate digital display making it easy to read the filling status of the gas cylinders. The Globe-Trotter GT5400 system holds up to four gas cylinders on individual slide out trays below the transport incubator. This helps transport personnel easily access the gas cylinders when they need to be changed. Thanks to the overall ergonomic concept of the system the caregiver can reach all operating elements easily.

Please visit the Dräger website for more information.