New boat for Humberside Police Marine Team

Photo: Humberside Police Marine Team’s new boat, Galene.

The result of a two year project, Humberside Police’s Marine Team now has a new vessel which is now patrolling rivers, coastline and ports across the region, as well as supporting other emergency services and partners.

Named Galene after the Greek Goddess of the calm seas, it is the largest of its kind for Humberside Police and it complements the fleet of vessels the team currently have access to for marine patrolling and underwater search.

Following its launch, Marine Inspector Al Harvey said,

“With enhanced capabilities from the new boat, we will continue to carry out high visibility patrols across the Rivers Ouse, Trent and Humber preventing criminals from taking advantage of our waterways.  When necessary, Galene’s enhanced range will even allow it to venture into the North Sea. Reaching speeds of 40 knots (46mph), and with a range of up to 400 miles, our new boat is a valuable and adaptable asset. 

“The majority of marine traffic is safe and lawful, but we stand ready and able to tackle criminals who do use the water to transport drugs, weapons and counterfeit goods, or deliver people illegally into the UK. Where required our specially trained officers can pilot Galene to intercept other vessels. 

“We can also use Galene to transport officers and resources (such as our firearms teams) to ensure we have the right resource in the right place at the right time.  Where necessary we will also use our new boat to help officers board other suspicious vessels, even ones larger than Galene.”

Humberside officers have undertaken coxswains training to be able to operate the boat. Galene is significantly larger than other Humberside Police vessels, meaning the boat can accommodate three officers and seven passengers as well any equipment needed. Depending on the nature of the incident the team are deployed to, numbers on board can vary, but at full capacity Galene can carry up to ten people.

The boat has new technology that will enhance the force’s capabilities to operate in a marine environment.  The boat is also supplied with equipment that enables Humberside Police to recover people from the waters where necessary.