Live video feeds from new generation of body worn cameras

Edesix-Camera-2Digital Barriers has launched a new generation of wearable ‘body worn’ cameras for the defence, security and law enforcement markets. EdgeVis Live for Body Worn can stream live, near zero-latency video over constrained wireless networks, using bandwidths as low as 9kbps over 2G and GPRS networks, with full high-definition video over 3G and 4G.

For the first time, live video feeds can now be streamed to control rooms and to others in the field, with no latency and no picture breakups. This means it can be used in real-time decision-making, not just as an independent record of what happened, to be reviewed after the event. The core technology was designed for military, security and law enforcement customers around the world, and has been proven on countless operations.

No other technology on the market can match the live streaming capabilities of EdgeVis Live for Body Worn, which includes proven web-based evidence management and storage, as well as end-to-end security and accredited levels of encryption to ensure that video streams cannot be intercepted whilst meeting compliance requirements.

“There is an increasing need for live situational awareness and a growing desire to increase public and officer safety with widespread adoption of wearable video. The ability to provide actual real-time streaming with no latency and no image breakup over any network, including limited and congested cellular networks in remote locations and city centres, takes body worn to a whole new level. While collecting evidential quality video is clearly vital, we believe adding the ability for others to see what is happening live is game changing,” said Colin Evans, Chief Operating Officer at Digital Barriers.

Additional EdgeVis Live for Body Worn features include integration of video feeds into existing video management solutions, GPS tracking and the ability to tether to vehicle based camera systems or transmit through standard-issue mobile phones, giving greater flexibility for deployment.