New helmet from MSA Safety to set a new standard for head protection

MSA Safety, an industry-leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of safety products the world over, has announced the introduction of the GALLET F2XR rescue helmet. It is the first and only firefighters’ helmet on the market that can be used in a wide range of applications, including wildland fire fighting and technical rescue operations, including responding to road traffic collisions, rescue at height and water rescue operations. The F2XR helmet is produced at MSA’s design and production centre in Chatillon, France.

The new design of the helmet is marked by substantial upgrades in technology integration, comfort, weight and balance – all without compromising the quality, durability and safety performance expected from the MSA Gallet brand. The F2XR rescue helmet meets the needs of modern firefighter and is the first helmet platform with a comfortable, modular and polyvalent range of use due to interchangeable components that allow for individual integration to use all the necessary accessories required in the most demanding operations.

The helmet is equipped with innovative features providing unmatched protection and comfort while wearing the helmet in different applications. These features include integrated LED lamps – both a dual-beam headlamp providing spot lighting and a tail light to help quickly identify teams on an incident scene; an ocular visor with adjustable face-fit; a variety of textile options to protect the neck; and hearing protection. To ensure optimal airflow and keep wearers cool in hot weather, the helmet also incorporates a dual ventilation on the side and at the top of the helmet. The high-quality one-piece soft hood can be easily removed from the F2XR helmet for easy and proper cleaning.

The versatility and safety of the F2XR helmet have been approved according to EN16471 standards for wildland fire fighting helmets, EN16473 for technical rescue as well as EN12492 for mountain climbing. Additionally, it meets EN1385 and PAS028 requirements for water rescue.