New and improved JESIP App launched

Words: Finola Carey, Project Manager, JESIP

The original JESIP App was downloaded over 25,000 times making it a huge success and certainly one of the most popular products that we have delivered, but we knew that there was room for improvement.

We listened to the excellent feedback from the many App users following the release of the original App and, along with the publication of the Joint Doctrine 2nd edition; we decided to make the App even better!

The JESIP team are delighted to announce that the new and improved JESIP App is now available to download for free on Apple, Android and now Windows devices.

We have enhanced many of the existing features, while adding some new functionality. The App is designed to act as a useful prompt for the many thousands of staff involved in emergency response and just recently we have heard examples of responders doing just that, with a Police Commander recalling that the App was a valuable reference tool during the appalling Westminster Bridge attack on 22 March.

As before, the App provides the ability to create and share a M/ETHANE message, although now users can also send an ETHANE message to ensure it aligns to the Joint Doctrine. There are essential reminders about the five principles for joint working and the Joint Decision Model, instructions for Airwave radio handsets including information on how to change talkgroups, and examples of incident commander tabards worn at the scene of an incident. The home pages have also been reorganised to display and incorporate increased amounts of functionality.

The key additions include: amendments to the M/ETHANE message function; a reminder of the major incident definition; additional maritime incident types; addition of a ‘mass casualties’ button in the Number and Severity section; additional responders in the Emergency Services section; ability to time and date stamp the Checklist then share it via email or text; addition of a prompt for use of the IIMARCH briefing tool with the ability to share; prompt for actions on de-briefing with the ability to draft notes and share; improved Notepad function (date/time stamp each entry); and the Glossary now becomes Map Symbols.

Carl Daniels, JESIP Deputy Senior Responsible Officer said, “Since the launch of the App in March 2016, we have had continual excellent feedback and know it has become an essential tool for staff working in emergency response. It complements the range of JESIP awareness and training products we have produced and helps staff apply JESIP on the ground.”

The secret to success is raising awareness of JESIP beyond the emergency services and the JESIP team encourages all responder agencies and anyone involved in emergency planning to embrace this excellent development and download the App today.

You can download the App from the JESIP website and from all of the standard App stores.