New pumps help Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue improve flood response

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue have taken delivery of new equipment to help county residents when flooding occurs.

Two new 4×4 vehicles, complete with trailer-mounted flood pumps, have now been delivered to the service’s Waddington Training Facility, funded by the county council. The new equipment, which is now operational, means that firefighters can deal with flooding more quickly and efficiently.

Cllr Nick Worth said, “The county council and Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue are working together to protect people against flooding. We have provided £100,000 of funding for the equipment, ensuring firefighters have access to further vital resources during flood situations.”

Station Manager Spencer Creek said, “These new vehicles will vastly improve our ability to help residents and to respond to flood emergencies around the county. The new pumps are able to move a lot more water than our fire appliances, which allows us to alleviate the risk of flooding far quicker. During the devastating floods in Boston in December 2013 our crews began pumping at 9pm and were still doing so the following afternoon. The pumps can move 9000l/min, which is a significant amount compared to a fire appliance, which can shift about 2250l/min.

“Once up and running, this equipment can also be left with just two operators which means other firefighters and appliances can be helping out elsewhere.”

Firefighters are currently undergoing training to both transport and use the new equipment, which will in future be based at Gainsborough and Wragby.