New Repose Solace reduces risk of pressure ulcers during handover delays and extended trolley waits

Frontier Medical Group is thrilled to launch a reactive-air overlay for ambulance trolleys and stretchers that can help reduce the risk of pressure damage for the growing number of vulnerable patients facing long trolley waits in A&E.

The Repose Solace overlay is designed to provide safer pressure distribution for patients while they are on stretchers and trolleys-often for many hours at a time-when hospital admission gridlock is endemic.

The simple and effective solution, shown in multiple studies to be clinically effective, offers greater comfort and dignity for patients who are, due to increasing demand upon our NHS, facing lengthy admission waits. Repose Solace reduces the risk of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers (HAPUs), which is a costly problem for the NHS.

The number of people waiting over four hours for emergency admission after a decision to admit has increased substantially in recent years, and while it was once rare for patients to wait 12 hours for admission after a decision to admit, these incidents are now common. Of course, long waits for admission tend to peak in the winter, so the Repose Solace is on hand to help healthcare staff provide good, safe support under these difficult circumstances.

Frontier Medical Group has a long history of supporting healthcare workers in their important work protecting patients at the greatest risk and helping to treat those with existing pressure damage. We know that health care providers are dealing with increasing gridlock in our hard-pressed hospital sector. With thousands of people every day facing long waits on trolleys, their safety and comfort are a growing concern for those who care for them.

Some patients are experiencing handover delays of up to 20 hours on unsuitable surfaces, and trolley waits of up to 12 hours within Emergency Departments following a decision to admit. Ambulance trolleys were simply not designed for such long waits. The Repose Solace can be a real boon to healthcare providers at these difficult times. The product has demonstrated low levels of pressure ulcer incidence across multiple studies, it has been expertly designed to be durable, safe, simple to use and to maintain, and to be a cost-effective answer to an increasingly thorny problem.

The Repose Solace can be safely secured to an ambulance stretcher or patient trolley. It is lightweight, easy to set up, and readily accessible.