New technology warns of approaching emergency vehicles

7. Target-Blu-Eye_Product-pictureThanks to new technology available through Cambridge-based CBS Automotive, drivers using Target Blu Eye can now get advance warning of approaching vehicles used by the emergency services, including the police (both marked and unmarked cars and police motorcycles), ambulance service and fire and rescue service.

This worldwide patented traffic safety device uses radio signals from the Airwave Network. Drivers are warned of approaching emergency vehicles by both visual and auditory alerts on the user display up to a kilometre radius even when the vehicle is not using its siren or flashing lights. Target Blu Eye not only increases safety for road users but also traffic safety for the emergency services as well as other road users.

“Every fatality on our roads is one fatality too many,” says Naeem Khokhar, Managing Director of CBS Automotive. “With Target Blu Eye installed in your car, you are stacking the deck in your favour.”

CBS Automotive is the UK distributor for this product, which has a recommended retail price of £999 plus installation.