Northamptonshire Joint Ops team benefits from FRS thermal imaging camera purchase

ISG TICNorthamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service has confirmed the purchase of 40 ISG advanced thermal imaging cameras (TICs) to further enhance firefighter safety. This major investment for the service will see the X-Series thermal imagers add a further TIC to all operational appliances as part of a standard vehicle specification. The cameras will also integrate with methodology incorporating external thermal scanning with Cobra and PPV.

In addition, Northamptonshire FRS will also provide a number of X-Series thermal imagers to Northamptonshire Police as part of its Joint Operations Team and Specialist Operations Group. This means advanced thermal image cameras will be available in the county’s armed response vehicles to support police operations.

“ISG cameras provide a number of unique features that will not only help protect Northamptonshire firefighters, but provide them with the capability to gain a detailed situational awareness of fire development, both internally and externally, supporting the effective use of fire fighting tactics,” said Phil Pells, Group Commander of the Joint Operations Team and National Inter-Agency Liaison Officer at Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service and Northamptonshire Police. “Our Joint Ops Team and specialist police response teams will use the cameras in a number of emergency situations – supporting both single and multi-agency operations – to better protect the public.”

Assistant Chief Constable Andy Frost, Northamptonshire Police, said he is pleased that the interoperability between Northamptonshire Police and Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue has been further enhanced with the provision of a number of X-Series thermal imagers being made available to the police armed response vehicles. He said, “These imagers will provide our firearms officers with an enhanced capability and will be used by our joint operations team in our drive to make our county safer.”

Advanced thermal imaging from ISG, now part of Scott Safety, provides a unique technical platform in the fight to save lives and property, applying both traditional and new fire fighting technologies such as hot and cold spot tracking, supplementing the situational awareness of the TIC user.

“UK brigades are calling the X-Series a tactical camera,” said Andy Slater, ISG’s General Manager and Sales Director. “We have had great feedback from many of our UK customers who tell me firefighters are getting a much clearer understanding of a fire scene using the X-Series, compared to traditional thermal cameras. The X-Series enables firefighters to make better tactical decisions because it has a unique ability to provide clear and precise image data during fire fighting.”

ISG’s advanced thermal imaging cameras provide a level of situational awareness that is simply unparalleled. They are extremely easy to use, provide firefighters with crystal clear imaging at all temperature ranges and utilise a large-format view screen. They deliver automatic performance-enhancing imaging that allows the user to fully interpret a fire scene and make better and safer tactical decisions, all without pressing a single button.