NWAS introduces new epaulettes following Manchester Arena attack

Advanced medical staff will now be more easily identifiable as North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) introduces red epaulettes for senior clinicians.

The change replaces the former green epaulettes worn on the shoulders as part of NWAS uniform to distinguish roles with the aim to make it easier for ambulance crews to identify a person with more senior clinical skills in the event of a large-scale or major incident.

This comes after an internal evaluation of the ambulance response to the Manchester Arena attack in May 2017 where staff noted it would be helpful for advanced paramedics, consultant paramedics and doctors to be more easily seen at a glance.

Head of Service and Uniform Group Lead for NWAS, Peter Mulcahy, said, “We have listened to the ideas of frontline staff who responded to the Manchester Arena attack to implement this change across NWAS making it easier for lead clinicians to be identified.

“In a time critical situation with a large ambulance response, this will allow emergency service staff to quickly locate someone who will be able to offer advanced medical skills to benefit patients with more complex needs.”

Red inserts for these advanced clinicians are also available for high visibility jackets which will further increase their prominence.

Green epaulettes for other members of staff including paramedics, emergency medical technicians and senior paramedics will remain the same.