Oxford Safety introduces Enduro Helmet Bag to reduce cross contamination from carcinogens

Oxford Safety’s new Enduro Helmet Bag.

Oxford Safety, a leading company designing and manufacturing ground-breaking PPE and workwear for superior performance, has introduced the new Enduro Helmet Bag, enabling brigades to reduce the risk of cross contamination from toxic chemicals and carcinogens that remain on protective gear following exposure to smoke.

After dealing with a blaze, firefighters will frequently put their used gear together while returning to the station, for example placing gloves inside helmets. This can increase the risk of contamination from the cancerous gases to clothing and equipment that will later be worn next to the skin.

The Enduro Helmet Bag reduces these risks to protect firefighters. The bag is robust and designed to meet their needs at the scene of an incident. In addition to the main compartment for the helmet, the bag features separate pockets for storing gloves, flash hood and personal belongings. This enables firefighters to carry their PPE effectively without cross contamination.

With a broad range of products and flexibility to manufacture bespoke items, Oxford Safety is focused on bringing solutions to the brigades for keeping firefighters’ contaminated PPE separated from the clean. The new Enduro Helmet Bag is the latest in a range of containment bags comprising holdalls, boot and glove bags. These not only ensure items are kept separate to prevent cross contamination and protect health but can also be customised with logos and name card holders to ensure personal items are quickly and easily identifiable.