Paraid’s Adapter+ conversion kit – Adapting frontline ambulance stretchers to provide enhanced levels of support for critical-care patients

In collaboration with Stryker®, Paraid has recently launched a new conversion kit for frontline ambulance stretchers. The Adapter+ kit will enable standard, Stryker® Power-PRO TL and XT ambulance stretcher models to be easily converted into medium-dependency, critical care stretchers.

Paraid specialises in the design and manufacture of innovative patient handling transportation solutions for hospitals, pre-hospital care and road ambulances. It is a recognised leader and innovator in providing bespoke medical transportation equipment.

Accommodating a wider spectrum of patient care needs

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has placed increased levels of demand on the UK’s healthcare services, requiring frontline stretchers to accommodate a wider range of patient needs. By converting traditional ambulance stretchers, the Adapter+ kit enables them to become more suitable for a greater range of care needs, making its role all the more important in these challenging times. It also ensures the safe and secure storage of additional, vital medical apparatus and critical care equipment for safe transportation.

The kit is easily interchangeable, meaning that depending on the patients’ individual needs, care teams are able to modify the configuration of equipment that’s stored, including patient monitors, ventilators, infusion pumps and syringe drivers.

The Adapter+ kit can be easily retrofitted to standard, Stryker® Power-PRO TL and XT ambulance stretchers, enabling paramedics, critical care teams and other, frontline hospital teams to deliver enhanced levels of support for critical care patients.

The Adapter+ has also been crash tested to perform in line with the highest safety standards (BS EN 1789).

More about Paraid

For over 35 years, Paraid has continued to work closely with ambulance services, NHS Trusts and international partners to provide a wide range of innovative transport solutions for neonatal, paediatric and adult care sectors. The UK manufacturer supplies bespoke patient handling transportation equipment to hospitals and ambulance trusts across the UK, and further afield into healthcare organisations around the world.

In acute care environments, transportation challenges are highly complex and often require a customised safety solution. As such, Paraid can offer a bespoke design consultancy to deliver the optimal patient transportation solution for even the most exacting of requirements. Paraid’s experienced team of design engineers work closely with a range of medical professionals to ensure the equipment is designed and manufactured specifically to meet their needs.

For additional information about the Adapter+ conversion kit, or to find out more about Paraid’s range of products and services, visit or call 0121 700 7455.