Paramedic helmet available through NHS PPE Framework

Vimpex-Pacific-Helmets-A7A-In-Action-1The A7A paramedic helmet from Vimpex is available through the new NHS Ambulance Service PPE Framework, which has now been let. This enables all UK ambulance services and other qualifying public bodies to source the country’s most popular paramedic helmet at a uniform nationwide price.

The Pacific Helmets A7A is fast becoming the standard-issue helmet for UK ambulance services; with more than 8000 currently in use throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It offers the most up-to-date and modern form of head protection in an economical, very comfortable, lightweight and wearable package.

Manufactured from Kevlar reinforced composite shells, the A7A helmet gives the perfect combination of safety, balance and wearer comfort. A jet-style design ensures that it is not only functional but looks good too.

Use of composites also means that the helmets last and last. Tests prove helmets that have been in service for over 10 years still pass stringent EN443 testing.

The A7A is just one of a family of high-performance helmets that are available for firefighters and rescue professionals. In addition, Vimpex supply a range of other products including hydraulic rescue tools, thermal image cameras, PPE, technical rescue equipment and scene lighting.

Take the A7A for a spin and explore the helmet in fine detail through 360° at