Peli Cases provide total confidence

ScenePro Digital Forensics produces the CI 200 TS, a data acquisition product for forensic collision investigators. The unit is housed in a Peli™ 1450 case, which offers watertight, crushproof protection backed by the legendary Peli lifetime guarantee.

Michael Peck, Managing Director, ScenePro, explained why the Peli case was chosen. He said, “The CI 200 TS is used by collision investigators all year round and is required to operate reliably in all weather conditions. By any measure, our instrumentation is destined to have a tough life. We chose to build the CI 200 TS into a Peli case as we must have total confidence in transporting our instruments in a water tight and exceptionally durable product. Investigators only get one opportunity to secure and preserve crash scene data and our CI 200 TS must work every time, there can be no compromise.”

The ScenePro CI 200 TS is built into the case using the Peli panel frame mounting system. Panel frames are available as an accessory for certain Peli case models. An O-ring gasket seals the panel so that the case remains watertight, even with the lid open.

Michael Peck said, “We explored several system housing options and the Peli was by far the top performer for our needs. Peli’s convenient panel frame mounting system sealed the deal as this saves us significant time and cost in our production process. We have only ever used Peli products as no other case system comes close to meeting our exacting quality control requirements.”