Pioneering electric hybrid motorcycle for Northamptonshire Police

Hybrid motorcycle from WMC.

Northamptonshire Police is leading the way in sustainable transport for emergency service use as it takes delivery of new petrol-electric hybrid motorcycles. The new three-wheeled bikes will be used by neighbourhood policing teams, helping them to increase accessibility and visibility within local communities. 

The innovative WMC300FR motorcycle has been developed by Northamptonshire-based White Motorcycle Concepts (WMC) in collaboration with the force and a number of British engineering innovation companies. 

Following the completion earlier this year of an initial pilot scheme to test the innovative technology in a policing context, Northamptonshire Police is now bringing eight of the hybrid motorcycles into its operational fleet. 

The technology behind the design of the WMC300FR reduces emissions by up to 50 per cent compared with a comparable non-hybrid model. With detachable batteries that can be charged using a standard three-pin plug, the bikes provide a versatile, cost-efficient and sustainable transport solution, which can be deployed as part of the current fleet without the need for additional infrastructure.

Unveiled as a prototype in June 2021, the circa. £14,000 bike has been optimised and developed into production specification and is now being manufactured to order. The WMC300FR is designed specifically for use as an operational first response and community patrol vehicle. Fully prepared for frontline use, it also meets the increasingly important climate change objectives of the emergency services.

It is expected the first WMC300FR, equipped with a Woodway Engineering blue light system, will be put into service by October 2022.