Police Federation Chair and Vice Chair elected

Calum Macleod, Chair, Police Federation of England and Wales.

Calum Macleod has been elected to take up the role of national Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales on 1 January 2018.

Following the announcement of his appointment, Mr Macleod said, “I am honoured and privileged to be elected to the role of Chair; with that comes the responsibility of ensuring that the organisation truly represents the views of rank and file police officers across England and Wales. Our organisational reform is nearing completion and now we must focus all our energy on achieving positive change for our members. Let’s not sugar-coat the current situation that we are facing – policing is in a critical state. We will continue to be robust with stakeholders and demand that they acknowledge and address the real issues facing the service and our members.”

Che Donald, Vice Chair, Police Federation of England and Wales.

Mr Macleod, national Vice Chair since April 2016, will take over from Steve White who has been in the post since May 2014. As the only nominee, Mr Macleod was confirmed in the role at an Interim National Board meeting on 21 November.

As a result of the above appointment, a vote was held to replace the Vice Chair. Che Donald was elected to the position and will take up the role from 1 January 2018.