Police Scotland launches national Smartwater project

A Police Scotland project that produced a 53 percent reduction in domestic housebreaking by using SmartWater technology and tactics has been extended across the country, potentially benefiting homeowners and businesses across Scotland. As part of the national project, around 4000 domestic properties will be provided with SmartWater traceable liquid packs to protect their personal possessions.

SmartWater works by heightening the traceability of valuables and increasing the accountability of thieves. Once applied to an item SmartWater traceable liquid is almost impossible to remove and is only detectable under UV light. Each bottle of SmartWater traceable liquid carries a forensic code uniquely registered to the owner. In the event of a theft, the forensic code provides an irrefutable link back to the owner of the stolen goods and also links the criminal with the crime scene.

Tactics aimed at deterring criminal activity are also being implemented, including searches for SmartWater within police station custody suites and at second hand outlets, which will make it more difficult for thieves attempting to sell on SmartWater marked stolen goods. This is also being supported by a national media campaign.

These activities will generate significant awareness of the SmartWater brand among criminals, creating a powerful deterrent that will not only benefit homeowners, but also local businesses that are using SmartWater.

Within a commercial environment SmartWater can be used to protect everything from IT equipment through to metal infrastructure. It has a proven track record for helping businesses to reduce theft-related losses, protecting both their service delivery and profitability while minimising downtime and repairs that are frequent by-products of criminal victimisation.

In addition, SmartWater will work closely with its clients to help them identify any vulnerabilities and maximise their security spend, thereby helping them to achieve significant return on their investment. This is already benefiting major national businesses including Network Rail, Openreach (a BT Group Business), G4S and National Grid.

SmartWater Chief Executive Phil Cleary, said, “This is the first time that SmartWater has been rolled out on a national scale. We are committed to working in close partnership with Police Scotland to suppress crime by heightening criminal awareness of SmartWater and the threat it poses to their livelihood.”

The national rollout of SmartWater is widely supported by a range of organisations including the Scottish Government Community Safety, Scottish Neighbourhood Watch, Scottish Business Resilience Centre and various utility and insurance companies.