Portable heater from Espar

9. HeatCase2Heatcase from Espar is a stand-alone, diesel-fired portable heat source, which utilises the technologically advanced Eberspächer Airtronic D4 heater. When fully charged and full of fuel, Heatcase can give up to five hours of hot air heating almost anywhere.

Convenient for providing heat in remote off-grid locations, Heatcase can be a lifesaver when used to provide personal warmth where there is a danger of hypothermia, such as at the scene of road traffic accidents, during extreme outdoor events and as an aid to paramedics, fire and rescue, mountain rescue, lifeboats, coastguard and disaster relief organisations.

9. HeatCase1To use Heatcase remotely, it must first be connected to a 240V AC power supply to charge up the onboard power pack. The fuel tank should be filled with diesel, after which the Heatcase is ready for use. Placed outside, upright and on stable ground, the exhaust guard is lifted and the exhaust rotated though 90 degrees. Heatcase may now be switched on by rotating the control switch in a fully clockwise direction. After a short time, the unit will provide 4kW of warm air heating, which can be ducted to the area where the heat is needed.

Should Heatcase’s internal power pack become low, or fully discharged, it is possible to operate the heater by connecting it to a 12V battery with the external power loom and crocodile clips supplied with the unit.