Portable LED helipad lighting system

9-fec12HEMS-Star® from FEC Heliports Worldwide Ltd is a rechargeable, portable battery-powered LED lighting system designed for rapid deployment to provide safe and effective marking at designated or ad-hoc landing areas.

HEMS-Star® allows rotary or fixed winged aircraft to identify landing areas at night at distances up to 16km. The system is wireless enabled for remote or pilot VHF activation operational line of sight at ranges up to and in excess of 10km. With NVG compatible red, blue, green, white visible LEDs and infra-red, it is programmable to show steady-on, flash warning, location beacon or Morse Code and has optional automatic sunset switching. A full case weighs only 10.6kg and is rechargeable in its case via mains at 100-240V AC, vehicles at 13.5-28VDC, solar or wind power and is IP65 rated.

The system is the upgraded version of the popular HeliLight system, which has been operational in the field for two years. FEC Heliports Worldwide Ltd has years of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of portable lighting systems to customers worldwide and HEMS-Star® is the latest product designed for the emergency services.