Protective film helps ambulance service in Sweden contain infectious diseases

7. Packexe SMASH Sweden 5As endorsed by the UKRO (UK Rescue Organisation) and the WRO (World Rescue Organisation), Packexe® SMASH film is widely used by fire and rescue services the world over, to help with extrication situations where glass is involved.

In addition, the Packexe® range of self-adhesive protection films are used throughout NHS departments and particularly in Nuclear Medicine Units, to safely and efficiently prevent contamination or radiation in ‘high risk’ areas.

Recently, Packexe® SMASH has also been used to help the ambulance service – specifically, an enlightened ambulance team in Northern Sweden.

The idea to use the Packexe® rescue product Packexe® SMASH within ambulances came from an ambulance crew in Sundsvall, Sweden. One of the crew is also a fire and rescue operative and had used the film during extrication situations. Due to the product’s strength and adhesive qualities, the firefighter suggested replicating use inside the ambulance. The SMASH film is unrolled and trimmed to cover the whole ambulance interior, which takes approximately 12 minutes (for a large ambulance).

According to Fredrik Granholm, EMS Doctor, Sundsvall Ambulance Service, “So far we have dealt with two suspected cases of Ebola in the county of Vasternorrland. Whilst thankfully, Ebola is not a serious threat for us in Sweden currently, this could change at any time. We will use Packexe® SMASH when transporting patients with serious infectious diseases, especially Tuberculosis. Packexe® SMASH has helped us deliver a fast, safe and efficient service and we would highly recommend that other ambulance services trial this vital method of infection control.”

The CEO of Packexe®, Andrew Orchard, recently visited the Sundsvall Ambulance Service. He said, “I interviewed Fredrik Granholm to try and find out from an industry professional how the SMASH product can really help ambulance services in the new global Ebola epidemic. Whilst no data is available, surely offering up Packexe® SMASH to ambulance and health service providers the world over is a simple yet highly efficient way of minimising risk of exposure and contamination from Ebola and other infectious diseases?”

Watch Andrew Orchard’s interview with Fredrik Granholm at Sundsvall Ambulance Service below.