Rapid deployment internet connectivity solution

The Mobile Broadband Kit (MBK) was conceived to offer first responders a rapid deployment internet connectivity solution, which is extremely secure, and robust enough to manage everyday needs. It needed to be portable, rugged, simple to use and self-sufficient, with an on-board power supply to last at least the length of an average working shift.

After around 12 months of R&D and testing in the US, supported by the US Army, US Rangers and FEMA, the Mobile Broadband Kit (MBK) was born in late 2019.

The beauty of the MBK lies in its ease of use and utter dependability. Using the proven, onboard high-end cellular routers from Cradlepoint, the MBK has shown it can be relied upon, at times of wide-area or multi-agency secure connectivity need.

Particularly during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, MBK saw widespread use in Federal field-hospitals, COVID testing stations, remote tactical command and beyond.

Serving up to 80+ users securely, when off-grid and away from their normal place of work at distances of up to 280m, is all in a day’s work for an MBK.

More recently, the solution has found usage in security sector for deployment of IP CCTV and data sensors; and flood response, for data and voice connectivity or when other connectivity methods fail or become unusable.

Now available in the UK and Europe, from Anywhere Wi-Fi Limited, the MBK can be supplied as an ESN Ready solution, aimed at enhancing operational ESN capabilities for UK blue light users, or as a portable backpack for security conscious business executives, or covert operators.

Whatever the operational need, Anywhere Wi-Fi Limited has an MBK solution, that is right.

MBK can also be supplied with a dedicated accessory kit, comprising long range antennas (1000m+), vehicle antennas and a solar panel, providing all that is required when off the beaten track.